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Authors: E-J


The 'Bloody Blade' Series: ePub
  1: The Bloody Blade InfoTimeframeHalloween Season 2
SummaryIn the tradition of the entire short 'What if' Xander Costume Selection of the HELL-o-ween Episode. Here is mine. Enjoy.
Category Crossover Read 2480 times.
13 ePub Finished 16.6 Kb.
  2: Fractured Mind InfoTimeframeHalloween Season 2
SummaryWhat if Xander selected a Halloween Costume of someone not heroic or daring? What if the his 'identity' that night placed his best friends in more danger then they ever thought possible? And what if that identity refused to leave after Halloween?
Category Crossover Read 2422 times.
13 ePub WIP 30.4 Kb.
Black Suits Comin' InfoTimeframeStarts between Season's III & IV and progresse
Category Crossover Read 6815 times.
13 ePub WIP 289.7 Kb.
Caught between a Rock and a Hardcase Info Category Crossover
  - The Rock Pairing Jade/X
Read 5686 times.
13 ePub WIP 360.6 Kb.
Chosen by Death InfoSummaryAU, takes place moments after Xander attacks Spike for sleeping with Anya, and finds out about the Chipped-One and the Slayer. Spike makes a wish, Anya grants it.
Categories AU
Crossover Pairing B/X
Read 5293 times.
13 ePub WIP 311.4 Kb.
Frag 'em all an' let the PTB sort it out Info Category Crossover Pairings B/X
Read 4190 times.
13 ePub WIP 146.1 Kb.
Never The Twain Shall Meet InfoSummarySpike say's Goodbye to Xander (That's all your getting people, you'll have to read it to find out)
Category Crossover Pairing B/X
Read 2806 times.
13 ePub WIP 97.0 Kb.
The Dark Gift InfoTimeframeSet between season V & VI
Category Crossover Read 4161 times.
13 ePub WIP 201.6 Kb.
The Devil You Know InfoTimeframeStarts at Season 3 and continues.
SummaryAt the beginning of Season 3 Xander gets splashed in the face with some Demon Blood and slowly starts to pick up the old 'Attributes of the Demon'
Category Crossover
  - Daredevil Read 10673 times.
13 ePub WIP 487.6 Kb.
The Thing I Hate InfoTimeframepost S7.
SummaryXander's chance for some final words. (Story is a songfic and includes character death)
Read 2250 times.
13 ePub Finished 4.3 Kb.
Three against One InfoSummaryDawn and Andrew are concerned about Xander. They believe that finding him a Girlfriend will help him get over Anya's death and his funk after Buffy and the other Scooby's give him his walking papers. Paige and Phoebe are concerned about Piper. After Leo reluctantly had to leave her and their infant son to attend to his Greater Destiny as an Elder she has been all mopey around the Halliwell Homestead. The two younger P's think she needs a friend outside of the family to help her get over Leo. Paige adapts a Love Seeking Spell into a Friendship Seeking Spell with Phoebe's involvement and the two decide that they would like to find a 'Best Friend' as well. They both throw their contributions of what they think would make a bestest-best-friend for them both. Unbeknownst to them the Spell merges all their desires into the one request --- and let's just say that the adaptations made to the Love Spell weren't all that effective :). Three Witches vie for the One Xander - Game On!
Category Crossover
  - Charmed Pairing X/P
Read 5757 times.
13 ePub WIP 178.0 Kb.
What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted InfoSummaryAfter 5 years of wandering the world, trying to recover emotionally from the damage set in 'A Letter from the Heart', Xander Harris returns to Sunnydale to face those that had hurt him.
Pairing B/X
Read 3704 times.
13 ePub WIP 146.0 Kb.
When the Hunted becomes the Hunter Info Category Crossover Pairing B/X
Read 2723 times.
13 ePub WIP 55.7 Kb.

Ed Becerra

Chosen...? Info Genre Humor
Read 1506 times.
A ePub Finished 1.0 Kb.
Eat Your Veggies InfoTimeframeHalloween, season 2
Category Crossover Read 1602 times.
13 ePub Finished 2.3 Kb.
Exotic ammunition and vampires Info Read 5061 times. 13 ePub WIP 24.0 Kb.
Mistakes in Translation... Info Genre Humor
Read 1542 times.
13 ePub Finished 1.0 Kb.
Pure Imagination Info Read 1563 times. 13 ePub Finished 4.8 Kb.
The Devil Is In The Details... Info Genre Humor
Read 1442 times.
A ePub Finished 1.5 Kb.
The Gift Of... Info Read 1366 times. 13 ePub Finished 0.5 Kb.
The Greatest Treason Info Read 3387 times. 15 ePub WIP 61.9 Kb.

Ed Scott

The 'JAG' Series: ePub
  1: A Good Start InfoTimeframePost Becoming, season 5
SummaryAfter Becoming, Xander ends up in Maryland to give a message.
Category Crossover
  - JAG
  - Officer and a Gentlemen Pairing C/X
Read 2956 times.
A ePub Finished 87.4 Kb.
  2: Where Demon's Fear to Live InfoSummarySequel to 'A Good Start.' Watch Xander show how slaying should be done in the 20th century.
Category Crossover
  - JAG
  - Officer and a Gentlemen Pairing C/X
Read 1685 times.
A ePub WIP 15.6 Kb.
The 'Harley Quinn' Series: ePub
  1: Laughing at Second Chances InfoSummaryHarley is getting a second chance after the Tim Drake arc in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.
Category Crossover
  - Batman Pairing Harley Quinn/X
Read 3098 times.
13 ePub Finished 66.1 Kb.
  2: It's Not Easy Being Green InfoSummarySequel to Laughing at Second Chances. Xander is finally Chosen, and he doesn't want to be.
Category Crossover
  - DC Comics Pairing Harley Quinn/X
Read 2249 times.
13 ePub WIP 39.7 Kb.
  3: You Think You Know Me? You Don't InfoSummarySequel to It's Not Easy Being Green. Xander heads to see Batman. And that's the beginning.
Category Crossover
  - DC Comics Pairing X/Harley Quinn
Read 1760 times.
13 ePub Finished 38.0 Kb.
The 'Another Drabble' Series: ePub
  1: Another X Men Drabble InfoSummaryAfter graduation, Mrs. Summers asked Xander to accompany Buffy to Westchester, to meet her cousin Scott. Hilarity ensues. (I hope.)
Category Crossover Read 1408 times.
A ePub Finished 3.4 Kb.
  2: Another Halloween Drabble InfoSummaryAnother Alternate Costume Drabble. Part two of my Another Drabble Series.
Category AU
Read 1297 times.
A ePub Finished 0.9 Kb.
  3: Another Xander's Real Father Drabble InfoSummaryAfter graduation, Xander finds out who his real father is. Part three of my Another Drabble Series.
Category Crossover
  - Stargate Read 1419 times.
A ePub Finished 1.2 Kb.
  4: Another Xander's Family History Drabble InfoSummaryPart 4 of my 'Just Another Drabble' Series. Set after "The Zeppo."
Category Crossover Read 1105 times.
13 ePub Finished 2.0 Kb.
A New and Exciting Course InfoSummaryBefore Xander leaves on his road trip, he's offered a job as something he never thought he'd be. A teacher.
Category Crossover
  - Harry Potter Read 1383 times.
A ePub WIP 4.1 Kb.
Alexander Harris, Department of... InfoSummaryXander met some interesting people on his road trip. He now works for them keeping tabs on the Hellmouth.
Read 2087 times.
13 ePub WIP 9.6 Kb.
Broken Body but not of Broken Spirit InfoTimeframe'Prophecy Girl'
SummaryDuring the fight at the end of 'Prophecy Girl' something goes horribly wrong.
Read 2069 times.
13 ePub WIP 38.0 Kb.
Changes to be Made InfoTimeframeSeason 5
SummaryWhile Xander is in LA getting a book for Giles, Darla and Dru show up.
Read 2212 times.
A ePub WIP 22.3 Kb.
Clash of the Knights InfoSummarySet one week after 'Killed by Death' Xander finds out who he really is. After that, AU.
Category Crossover Read 2313 times.
13 ePub WIP 32.4 Kb.
Clean Up on Aisle 5 InfoSummaryAnother Xander's hidden powers story.
Read 2151 times.
13 ePub WIP 18.8 Kb.
Demon Hunter X InfoSummarySix months after graduation, the Scoobies, Angel and Cordelia get front row tickets to the Royal Rumble.
Category Crossover
  - WWF Read 2523 times.
A ePub WIP 31.4 Kb.
Forever Doesn't Live Up to the Hype InfoTimeframeStarts during the summer of Season 1
SummaryAfter a household accident, Xander learns not to lose his head. Starts during the summer of S1.
Category Crossover
  - Highlander Pairing C/X
Read 2703 times.
13 ePub WIP 55.8 Kb.
I Have a Son? InfoSummaryA letter received by 007 tells him of the son he never knew he had. Set between Season 2 & 3
Category Crossover
  - James Bond Pairings C/X
Read 2125 times.
13 ePub WIP 17.9 Kb.
I'm Coming to Get You InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
SummaryResponse to Anime Ronin's Soldier Boy Challenge. I hope I get this right.
Category Crossover Read 1471 times.
15 ePub WIP 17.9 Kb.
It's All About Family InfoSummaryStarting during 'Helpless.' Xander reveals his extended family that he swore Willow to silence about.
Category Crossover
  - Sopranos Read 1678 times.
13 ePub WIP 14.3 Kb.
Sorry InfoSummaryWhat could have happened at the end of 'Becoming Part 2' if Xander used his head and thought ahead.
Category Crossover
  - Charmed Read 2340 times.
13 ePub WIP 25.0 Kb.
Trouble on Revello Drive Info Pairing An/X
Read 1652 times.
13 ePub WIP 12.3 Kb.
Where the Heart Is InfoSummarySet between seasons 6 & 7
Category Crossover Read 1525 times.
13 ePub WIP 14.9 Kb.
Xander the Cherub InfoSummaryXander returns to Sunnydale two years after Graduation. And he's not alone.
Category Crossover
  - Charlie's Angels Pairing Natalie/X
Read 1428 times.
13 ePub WIP 10.6 Kb.
Xander's Getting Married InfoSummaryAfter S7. While in Vegas, Xander saves a life, gets a job and a woman.
Category Crossover
  - Las Vegas Read 1871 times.
15 ePub WIP 19.3 Kb.
You Hunt Us? We Hunt You InfoSummaryXander is a sniper for the US Army. He's in the Midwest repaying a debt.
Categories AU
  - Pretender Read 1918 times.
A ePub Finished 19.7 Kb.


A Memorable Night After All InfoTimeframeSeason 5
Read 1640 times.
13 ePub Finished 6.8 Kb.
A Very Willow Vengeance InfoSummaryWillow only pretends to be calmed by Xander's speech, but plots a bloodchilling act of vengeance. Can our heroes forestall it? Well, would a story with accomplished bloodchilling revenge be rated PG-13?
Genre Humor
Read 2251 times.
13 ePub Finished 6.8 Kb.
A White Knight Charmed InfoTimeframePost Season 7
Category Crossover
  - Charmed Read 3512 times.
13 ePub Finished 28.3 Kb.
Goodbye InfoSummaryXander deals badly with stress. Rather darker than anything I've done since the new medication was started.
Genre Angst
Read 1638 times.
15 ePub Finished 4.6 Kb.
Making a Man Out of Xander InfoSummaryWillow gives Xander what he asked for - and everyone wants the old Xander back. Story has been described as sexist, if that disturbs you.
Genre Humor
Read 4132 times.
18 ePub Finished 9.6 Kb.
Sunnydale Inverted Info Read 1532 times. 15 ePub Finished 18.3 Kb.
The Shortest Xander has Powers Story Info Read 1914 times. A ePub Finished 1.1 Kb.
The Soldat Tragedy InfoTimeframeSummer 2001 to January 2002
SummaryMagic is bad. Xander and magic is VERY bad.
Genre Angst
Read 3708 times.
18 ePub Finished 31.3 Kb.
Updated Technique InfoTimeframeSeason 3
SummaryThe Council of Watchers is not centuries behind in combat techniques. It's millennia behind.
Read 1203 times.
13 ePub Finished 15.4 Kb.
Why Reinvent the Wheel InfoSummaryToo short to be worthwhile to summarize.
Read 1238 times.
13 ePub Finished 2.0 Kb.
Willow's Zany Plan InfoSummaryXander becomes Faith's watcher - and it's a B/X fic
Genre Humor
Pairing B/X
Read 2994 times.
15 ePub Finished 135.3 Kb.


For The Better InfoTimeframeBuffy is in season 2, right after Halloween.
Category Crossover Read 13644 times.
13 ePub Finished 744.2 Kb.


After Death !!! InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
SummaryXander Halloween drabble
Category Crossover
  - Quake Read 1846 times.
13 ePub Finished 11.1 Kb.


Adjustment Info Pairing F/X
Read 5708 times.
13 ePub WIP 547.5 Kb.
Too Soon !!! InfoTimeframeAbout a year and a half post S7
Genre Angst
Pairings F/X
Read 2893 times.
13 ePub WIP 228.9 Kb.


The 'Alternate Histories' Series: ePub
  1: Bloody Rage Info Category Crossover Read 3406 times. 13 ePub WIP 115.4 Kb.
  Sidestory 1: Bloody Rage
    - Nightfall
Info Category Crossover Read 1585 times. 15 ePub Finished 12.2 Kb.
Xander's Terribly Bad Halloween InfoTimeframeHalloween, season 2
Category Crossover Read 1665 times.
A ePub WIP 16.5 Kb.

Fenix Burns

Shards Info Category Crossover Read 2622 times. 13 ePub WIP 72.6 Kb.

Forgotten Code

The 'Fire and Ice' Series: ePub
  1: Crossroads InfoSummaryWhat might have happened if Xander hadn't grown up in Sunnydale.
Category AU
Read 2766 times.
13 ePub Finished 63.7 Kb.
  2: New Beginnings Info Category AU
Read 2121 times.
13 ePub WIP 79.4 Kb.
A Halloween to Remember (AHR)
    Prologue  (1.5 Kb.)
    The Coming Storm  (39.4 Kb.)
InfoSummaryIn this Prologue I'm attempting to explain the changes from canon in my AU world. There will be more parts to the Prologue, I'm just wondering what you guys think so far.
Read 4489 times.
13 ePub WIP 40.9 Kb.

Funkitated Aybssinian

Knockin' on the Hellmouth's Door Info Read 2182 times. 13 ePub WIP 32.1 Kb.


Full Halloween InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
SummaryA group of shorts around a common theme.
Category Crossover Read 3017 times.
13 ePub Finished 7.7 Kb.


Home and Heart InfoSummaryWhat happens when your heart is ripped apart by those you love? A slayerette's return after years of absence causes old wounds to be ripped open.
Read 5796 times.
15 ePub WIP 462.5 Kb.
Pathways of the Mind InfoTimeframeThis story takes place approximately 7 years in th
SummaryThe mind. It can be a beautiful thing. But what happens when it is corrupted by evil?
Read 2166 times.
15 ePub WIP 93.7 Kb.

Goat Boy

Beautiful Day InfoSummaryreading through "the Gunblade Saga" at ff.net; a novel of FF8 and i was inspired...also this cleared by head before tommorros law exam. Hope you enjoy
Read 1394 times.
15 ePub WIP 8.2 Kb.
Dirty Info Read 1385 times. 15 ePub WIP 3.2 Kb.
Fantastic Day InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
Category Crossover
  - Final Fantasy 8
  - Marvel
  - The Shadow Read 2126 times.
15 ePub WIP 20.6 Kb.
Might as well be dead InfoSummaryPTB say...WHOOPS
Pairing B/X
Read 1572 times.
13 ePub Finished 7.2 Kb.
Potion Master InfoSummaryEndless Casca novels - they are draining me dry financially - rerun of the Last Crusade and the idea of a "what a cannon? No nukes?" kinda Xander and heres where it begins.
Read 1179 times.
15 ePub Finished 14.8 Kb.
Too good to be true InfoSummaryThe feedback made me laugh so here we go
Read 1490 times.
15 ePub WIP 15.2 Kb.
Trick; or is that a treat? InfoSummarywatching a flick and always thought he should be explored further that just a great tactician
Read 1568 times.
15 ePub WIP 15.0 Kb.


No good deed goes unpunished InfoTimeframeBTVS Season 7, Angel Season 5
SummaryAfter her death Cordy get assigned to a new Champion, and learn some little thing about our favorite Scooby post Sunnydale.
Read 1720 times.
13 ePub WIP 11.5 Kb.
Surviving Carnage InfoTimeframeBTVS Season 7, Angel Season 5
SummaryWhile in prison Xander as an interesting Cellmate.
Category Crossover
  - Spider-Man Read 2201 times.
13 ePub WIP 29.5 Kb.

Greydon Creed

  - Alpha
InfoSummaryXander gets intimate with a Slayer. But not the one you expect.
Read 5004 times.
18 ePub Finished 30.4 Kb.
Lover's Walk
  - Alpha
Info Category AU
Pairing W/X
Read 3662 times.
18 ePub Finished 14.3 Kb.
Rescue Me InfoSummaryBuffy has been kidnapped by vampires. Xander is the only witness and it's up to him to rescue the Slayer.
Read 2936 times.
13 ePub Finished 103.2 Kb.
Rescue Me
  - Alpha
InfoSummaryBuffy had been kidnapped by vampires and Xander rescued the Slayer. Now it is time to thank him.
Read 4949 times.
18 ePub Finished 21.1 Kb.
Stakeout InfoSummaryThe Slayerettes are not the only ones fighting evil in Sunnydale
Read 3554 times.
13 ePub Finished 232.1 Kb.


The 'Sunnydale Reloaded' Series: ePub
  1: Enter...the Hellmouth InfoTimeframeAlternate Buffy-verse, branching off at Season 2,
SummaryXander doesn't go as a soldier, but as a rather popular movie character.
Read 3857 times.
A ePub Finished 56.5 Kb.
  2: Lies and Other Games We Play InfoTimeframeCompletely alternate Buffy-verse, branching off af
SummarySecond in my 'Sunnydale Reloaded' series.
Pairing C/X
Read 2995 times.
A ePub WIP 53.7 Kb.
Acathla's Blessing InfoTimeframeStarting at the end of 'Becoming, Part 2.'
SummaryXander interferes as Buffy tries to send Angel to Hell.
Categories AU
  - Dungeons and Dragons Read 2976 times.
A ePub WIP 117.1 Kb.
Be All You Can Be InfoSummaryXander's noticed something different about himself since getting hit by the energy blast at the evil temple.
Category Crossover Read 2778 times.
A ePub Finished 18.5 Kb.
Best Served Cold 2
  - Second Helpings
InfoSummaryWhat might have happened to Xander and other members of the Scooby Gang if Buffy had found out about 'The Lie' at Graduation, and she, Willow, Cordelia and Oz left Sunnydale afterwards?
Read 5457 times.
13 ePub WIP 296.6 Kb.
Bloodlines InfoTimeframeAlternate Buffy-verse, branching off immediately a
SummaryThis is a response to the challenge to crossover Underworld with BtVS. Know up front, though, this story is most definitely NOT going to be the movie re-told, with Xander replacing Michael as the main character.
Categories AU
  - Underworld Read 3051 times.
A ePub WIP 110.5 Kb.
Coyote Alpha InfoTimeframeThrough Season One, episode 6, 'The Pack.'
SummaryAn alternate S1 version of 'The Pack.'
Pairings B/X
D/X (Friendship)
Read 9779 times.
A ePub Finished 360.2 Kb.
Dreams Can Come True InfoTimeframeCompletely alternate Buffy-verse, branching off in
SummaryReally weird stuff has been happening to Xander lately.
Categories AU
Crossover Read 2899 times.
A ePub WIP 22.0 Kb.
Forever and a Day InfoSummaryBuffy's resurrection in the Master's cave may have had another explanation.
Read 6648 times.
15 ePub WIP 423.1 Kb.
Gift Exchange !!! InfoTimeframeSeason 5 finale
SummarySummary: An alternate ending to the season five finale, 'The Gift.'.
Read 2505 times.
15 ePub Finished 17.6 Kb.
Good Thing I Didn't Take the Blue Pill InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
SummaryXander doesn't go as a soldier, but as a rather popular movie character.
Category Crossover
  - The Matrix Read 2311 times.
A ePub Finished 32.1 Kb.
Heirs of Armageddon !!! InfoTimeframeNear the end of Season 7
SummaryA response to Keith Collin's Season Seven challenge regarding what could have happened if Spike was accurately portrayed as the vicious and evil prick he truly was over the last two seasons of Buffy. After betraying Buffy's Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- based trust, he revealed that he had actually been working with the First Evil all along, and used the talisman Angel gave Buffy to make the Hellmouth open quicker.
Category Crossover Pairings C/X
F/X (Friendship)
D/X (Friendship)
Read 2928 times.
15 ePub WIP 116.4 Kb.
Marked By Kane InfoSummaryXander doesn't go as a soldier, but as a legendary warrior from the depths of pre-history.
Read 3307 times.
13 ePub WIP 125.0 Kb.
Post-Graduate Work InfoSummaryWhat happens when Xander and Giles are the only survivors of Sunnydale's Class of 1999 Graduation?
Read 8620 times.
A ePub Finished 393.4 Kb.
Reconciliations and Relationships InfoTimeframeThird Season
SummarySmut involving Xander, Buffy, Faith, Willow and Cordy, and there actually is a plot and some story buried in here, somewhere.
Category AU
Pairing B/W/X
Read 7560 times.
18 ePub Finished 67.7 Kb.
Silk InfoTimeframeCould be anytime after the end of season 6. Buffy
SummaryBuffy and Xander resolve a difference of opinion.
Pairing B/X
Read 5123 times.
18 ePub WIP 62.5 Kb.
Trick or Treat
  - Trick, Most Definitely!
SummaryYet another fascinating alternate Halloween episode. How could have things been changed if everyone had chosen different costumes that night?
Read 6824 times.
15 ePub Finished 212.1 Kb.
Vengeance Is Forever InfoTimeframeThe end of Becoming, Part 2
SummaryBuffy lost her battle with Angelus to shut down Acathla. This is not a happy fic, people. This idea just wouldn't stop bugging me, so I wrote it so it would let me sleep.
Read 2388 times.
15 ePub Finished 18.9 Kb.
Walking that mile InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
SummaryXander and Buffy loses a bet and have to cross-dress for Halloween. Enter Mr. Murphy, a jalous Willow and a love spell gone awray...
Read 2855 times.
15 ePub Finished 112.1 Kb.
Who am I InfoSummaryWhat could have happened if Faith didn't sleep with Riley after switching bodies with Buffy in the episode 'Who Are You?'
Read 18076 times.
18 ePub WIP 773.9 Kb.


The 'Tara's Confession' Series: ePub
  1: Tara's Confession Info Pairing Tara/X
Read 5628 times.
18 ePub Finished 11.8 Kb.
  2: Dusty Windows Info Pairing Tara/X
Read 3289 times.
18 ePub Finished 7.3 Kb.
Charmé Ane Singe Info Category Crossover Read 3158 times. 13 ePub WIP 103.6 Kb.
Cris de Coeur !!! Info Pairing B/W/X
Read 7170 times.
18 ePub WIP 139.2 Kb.
Seduction of a Zeppo
    Part I  (46.6 Kb.)
    Part II  (47.1 Kb.)
Info Pairing K/W/X
Read 8995 times.
18 ePub WIP 93.7 Kb.
Xander's Ascension Info Read 2853 times. 15 ePub Finished 13.4 Kb.


I Remember Papa InfoTimeframeAfter S7... Way after
SummaryThis story is in answer to a challenge on one of the groups that everyone, not just the known 'authors' write something. Angst. Sometimes remembering can be painful.
Read 1602 times.
13 ePub Finished 3.2 Kb.


Claws and Chaos InfoTimeframeSeason 7 Buffy and Season 4 Angel
Read 3757 times.
13 ePub WIP 179.5 Kb.
Xander's Revenge InfoTimeframePost Chosen
Read 2225 times.
13 ePub Finished 4.7 Kb.


Divergent Destinies
    1. A Single Step  (21.6 Kb.)
    2. Amid Summers Night  (11.6 Kb.)
    3. Sands Of Life  (31.9 Kb.)
    4. PhotoShop and Razor Blades  (12.5 Kb.)
    5. Next Stop: Sunnydale  (19.9 Kb.)
    6. Revelations Aftermath: Cheeseburgers and Chips  (17.2 Kb.)
InfoTimeframeA couple of weeks after Buffy ran away to LA after
Read 12542 times.
13 ePub Finished 114.6 Kb.
Letter from a Broken Heart Info Read 1643 times. 13 ePub Finished 6.4 Kb.


Ummm…Xander? Can we talk? InfoTimeframeLovers Walk
SummaryXander and Willow didn't just kiss in Lovers Walk...
Pairing W/X
Read 5121 times.
18 ePub Finished 67.1 Kb.

Imaginary friend

Garden of the hellmouth InfoTimeframeHalloween Season 2
Read 2280 times.
13 ePub Finished 21.2 Kb.
Tall Dark and Broody InfoTimeframeHalloween Season 2
Read 1705 times.
13 ePub Finished 9.4 Kb.


Betting Against the House Info Read 1472 times. 13 ePub WIP 12.4 Kb.
Xander finds God Info Read 1898 times. A ePub Finished 7.1 Kb.


'X' InfoTimeframePost Chosen
SummaryAfter being mortally injured, Buffy, Willow, and Xander return to the fold after a month long recovery period. Now everyone else has to deal with the new Scooby in their midst.
Read 2532 times.
13 ePub WIP 58.4 Kb.
Amazons InfoSummaryXander is the King of the Amazons. Who some of which just happen to be the female stars of the BtVS and Ats universe.
Category AU
Read 1877 times.
15 ePub Finished 43.5 Kb.
Dark Times a Comin' InfoSummaryAU. Faith is running from her father to Sunnydale, Willow and Cordelia are together, Xander has a dark secret, and Buffy has as much trouble dealing with her family as she does problems with slaying!
Category Crossover Read 2298 times.
13 ePub WIP 160.1 Kb.
G.O.D.S. InfoSummaryXander's a god. This is the story of his Awakening, and how he learns to use his powers and deal with the destiny Fate dealt him.
Read 4681 times.
15 ePub WIP 222.4 Kb.
Never Pull a Monkey by his Tale InfoTimeframeWelcome to the Hellmouth
SummaryBuffyZ What if: Xander revealed himself from the beginning, sort of?
Category Crossover
  - DragonBall Z Read 3473 times.
15 ePub Finished 31.5 Kb.
Poke'Buffy InfoTimeframeHalloween, season 2
SummaryWhat the heck do you THINK it's about?
Category Crossover
  - Pokémon Read 2531 times.
A ePub WIP 21.2 Kb.
White Knight! InfoSummaryXander manages to get a bit further than Oxford on his summer 'trip of discovery', and is in Dakota City just in time to help a young black kid get home after the 'Big Bang'.
Read 4656 times.
13 ePub WIP 301.0 Kb.

Jack Elles

Death By Slayer InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
Pairing Joyce/X
Read 4832 times.
18 ePub Finished 9.9 Kb.
Ninja Info Read 2775 times. 13 ePub WIP 18.3 Kb.
The Chaos Lanterns Info Category Crossover
  - Green Lantern Read 2038 times.
13 ePub WIP 58.2 Kb.

James White

The Birthright of Xander Harris InfoSummaryThe arrival of the Hell Goddess Glorificus causes a shifting in the balance of powers resulting in an unknown fact of the Heritage of Xander Harris claiming him.
Read 4266 times.
15 ePub WIP 52.3 Kb.
Xander the Virtual Adept InfoTimeframeHalloween sometime S2
SummaryXander dresses up as a character he played in Mage: The Ascension (Which I do not own but do I wish I did) with Jesse and Willow before the arrival of Buffy.
Category Crossover
  - Mage: The Ascension Read 2351 times.
13 ePub Finished 17.4 Kb.

Jason S

The Best Things InfoSummaryBuffy cheats on Xander with Angel. But did she really?
Pairing B/X
Read 1219 times.
13 ePub WIP 4.6 Kb.

Jason W Thompson

The 'Sour Girl' Series: ePub
  1: Sour Girl InfoSummaryXander thinks about a certain blonde witch.
Pairing T/X
Read 1556 times.
13 ePub Finished 5.3 Kb.
  2: I Miss You InfoSummarySequel to 'Sour Girl,' after Tara and Xander give in to temptation, Tara thinks of things. Set to Incubus' 'I Miss You.'
Pairing Tara/X
Read 1658 times.
13 ePub Finished 6.9 Kb.
The 'Destiny's Left Turn' Series: ePub
  1: Dysfunction Info Read 3407 times. 13 ePub Finished 32.4 Kb.
  2: In the Family Way InfoSummaryContinuation of 'Dysfunction; 'Cordelia and Xander spend a night together, that's never a good thing in the Angelverse.
Category AU
Pairings C/X
Read 2643 times.
13 ePub Finished 51.9 Kb.
  3: The Waning Twilight InfoSummaryAs Wesley tries to decipher the Prophecies of Aberjian, Wolfram and Hart conspire to take Angel out for good.
Category AU
Pairings C/X
Read 2443 times.
13 ePub Finished 71.8 Kb.
Adventures in Wolfsitting
  - or Naughty and Nice
InfoSummaryXander is all set for a boring night of Wolfsitting, when he gets a visit from a pair of Slayers.
Pairing B/F/X
Read 4658 times.
18 ePub Finished 20.3 Kb.
Burdens !!! InfoSummaryGravely injured while saving Anya, Xander faces a choice.
Categories AU
Crossover Pairings C/X
Read 2177 times.
A ePub Finished 15.3 Kb.
Burying the... Hatchet? InfoSummaryFed up with the fighting between his best friend and his girlfriend, Xander tries to get Buffy and Cordelia to bury the hatchet, it works a little too well.
Pairing B/C/X
Read 6182 times.
18 ePub Finished 20.5 Kb.
Cleanliness InfoSummaryWillow gets a bath time visit from Xander.
Pairing W/X
Read 1812 times.
15 ePub Finished 10.0 Kb.
Dirty Secrets InfoSummaryFired by Angel, Cordelia comes back to Sunnydale to continue making a difference. She finds that making a difference starts a lot closer to home than she ever thought.
Pairings Anya/X
Read 3657 times.
18 ePub Finished 40.0 Kb.
Hair of the Dog InfoSummaryXander learns just how evil alcohol is.
Pairing Harmony/X
Read 3167 times.
18 ePub Finished 9.8 Kb.
It Had to Be You InfoSummaryWhen Cordelia wakes up on Pylea, she is rescued not by Angel, but by someone she never thought would, and she finally finds out what happened to Xander when he left after Graduation.
Categories AU
  - Stargate SG-1 Pairings C/X
Read 3675 times.
15 ePub Finished 114.7 Kb.
Let Me See You Smile InfoSummaryJenny's daughter, Prudence has had a bad first day of school and Xander's offered to help her.
Pairing Jenny/X
Read 2141 times.
A ePub Finished 8.9 Kb.
Like She Do Me InfoSummaryIn need of comfort, Xander has turned to Darla. But can you love someone with no soul?
Pairing Darla/X
Read 2368 times.
13 ePub Finished 11.3 Kb.
Losing Her InfoSummarySomeone realizes they've lost their lover.
Read 1434 times.
15 ePub Finished 4.1 Kb.
Nightingale InfoSummaryFaith takes care of Xander.
Pairing F/X
Read 2022 times.
13 ePub Finished 16.4 Kb.
PlayStation and Advice InfoSummaryDawn and Xander discuss video games and other things.
Pairing D/X
Read 1441 times.
A ePub Finished 5.0 Kb.
Prowling, Pancakes, and Passes InfoSummaryA bad night of slaying leads Buffy to take refuge... at Xander's place.
Pairing B/X
Read 1889 times.
A ePub Finished 13.8 Kb.
The Best Day in the History of Bad Days InfoSummaryXander's had a monstrously bad day, so it can't possibly get worse.
Read 1579 times.
13 ePub Finished 15.7 Kb.
The Peanut Gallery InfoSummaryMolly and Anya start a phenomenon.
Category AU
Read 1701 times.
13 ePub Finished 10.1 Kb.
The Worth of Defeat InfoSummaryWhen Xander defeats Glory, Glory becomes obsessed with him.
Category AU
Pairing Glory/X
Read 4921 times.
18 ePub Finished 65.3 Kb.
There's Blood Between Us Now InfoSummaryWillow returns after two years to try and make peace with Xander.
Pairings W/X
Read 1675 times.
13 ePub Finished 5.3 Kb.
This Is Why You Shouldn't Drink InfoTimeframeUp to Angel Season two/Buffy Season five
SummaryLast night was the party of the century in the BuffyVerse. Now everyone must deal with the consequences. This is the extended DVD version in which Willow's whereabouts are cleared up, some more Blink/Dawn interaction and the 'Mobster Style' Ending.
Category AU
Read 2020 times.
15 ePub Finished 22.3 Kb.
Unraveling Secrets InfoSummaryDarla and Xander have begun something, but Buffy threatens to destroy it.
Category AU
Pairings Darla/X
Read 2181 times.
15 ePub Finished 32.7 Kb.
When You Dream? InfoSummaryMiss Edith brings Drusilla to Sunnydale to meet someone very special.
Pairing Dru/X
Read 2946 times.
A ePub Finished 8.4 Kb.


Malevein InfoSummaryWaterdeep has been invaded and conquered by a strange race. Danilo and Arilyn lead the resistance, but they are losing and badly. Danilo has a plan, to bring a saviour, but it requires the help of Elaith Craulnober, a broken slave of the Malevein conquerers.
Category Crossover
  - Forgotten Realms Read 4967 times.
15 ePub WIP 553.9 Kb.
The World's Heart InfoSummaryXander is send to liase with Hellsing in the aftermath of closing the Sunnydale Hellmouth. But Alucard seems to know him somehow, and the magic Willow poured into him /did/ have an effect.
Category Crossover
  - Alucard Read 5390 times.
13 ePub WIP 297.9 Kb.


ARCAM: The Recruit InfoSummaryA Buffy / Spriggan crossover. During the summer Buffy left town Xander is offered a new job.
Category Crossover
  - Spriggan Read 2245 times.
13 ePub Finished 51.6 Kb.
Brothers InfoSummaryA short piece from Vamp-Jesse's perspective.
Read 1220 times.
13 ePub Finished 3.1 Kb.
Call Me Steel Info Read 1653 times. 13 ePub Finished 8.4 Kb.
Crimson Shadows InfoSummaryIn New York Xander becomes what he hates the most. A vampire. Now he learns the truth behind the legends and the difference between the vampires he knows and the kind he has become. He is the Chosen One. The only problem is nobody will tell him what he's chosen for.
Read 2102 times.
13 ePub WIP 34.3 Kb.
Identity InfoSummaryXander learns some secrets he would rather have stayed that way.
Read 1525 times.
13 ePub Finished 6.3 Kb.
In a Flash InfoTimeframeHalloween, season 2
SummaryXander dresses up as the fastest man alive.
Category Crossover
  - The Flash Read 1550 times.
13 ePub Finished 5.1 Kb.
Man Without Fear InfoSummaryXander is blinded and his remaining senses are heightened to superhuman proportions. He also gains a 'radar' like sense in place of his sight. All of which he'll need when a rift forms between him and the gang. His true adventure is just beginning.
Read 2137 times.
13 ePub WIP 82.6 Kb.
Marvellous Tidings InfoSummaryDuring S2 Halloween Xander buys from the comic book rack instead.
Read 1643 times.
13 ePub Finished 5.8 Kb.
My Pack InfoSummaryXander's thoughts after 'The Pack'
Read 1318 times.
13 ePub Finished 2.7 Kb.
Shadowed Heart, Shattered Soul InfoSummaryA power awakens from deep in Xander's soul. Does he have the will to master it or will it consume him? Perhaps with the help of his reluctant guide...
Read 1764 times.
13 ePub WIP 42.2 Kb.
Who Killed Buffy Summers? InfoSummaryHomicide detective Xander Harris gets a surprise on his latest case. The victim is an old friend, Buffy Summers
Read 2269 times.
13 ePub WIP 61.1 Kb.

Joe T

The 'Something about Love' Series: ePub
  1: Forgotten Love InfoSummaryXander wakes up from a spell.
Read 1953 times.
13 ePub Finished 7.7 Kb.
  2: Remembered Love InfoSummaryContinuation of Forgotten Love.
Read 2816 times.
13 ePub Finished 55.8 Kb.
Always A Higher Price
  - Book 1: Evil Rising
Info Read 2020 times. 15 ePub WIP 34.4 Kb.

Johan Blomgren

What if? InfoTimeframeStarts at season 3 - Concequences
SummaryWhat would happen if Cordelia wasn't the only girl in pain.
Pairing F/X
Read 1275 times.
13 ePub WIP 4.0 Kb.

John 'Hatten' Carlsson

The 'Halfgods' Series: ePub
  1: A reason to be Atheist
      The Story  (284.4 Kb.)
      The Metaphysics  (32.3 Kb.)
Info Read 9068 times. 13 ePub Finished 316.7 Kb.
  2: Finding Faith ? Info Read 4649 times. 13 ePub Finished 421.4 Kb.
  2a: Learning about Faith InfoSummaryThis is a Side story to 'Finding Faith' And starts after episode 17. And it go side by side with the main story.
Read 2213 times.
13 ePub Finished 32.0 Kb.
  3: The Wrath of gods Info Read 2828 times. 13 ePub Finished 159.8 Kb.
  3a: Cheerleader in Cannes Info Read 2359 times. 13 ePub Finished 51.2 Kb.
  4: The price of Glory Info Read 2383 times. 13 ePub Finished 89.6 Kb.
The 'Furry' Series: ePub
  1: A Furry Moon Info Read 5699 times. 13 ePub Finished 462.3 Kb.
  3: Traveling Furball Info Read 2315 times. 13 ePub Finished 182.8 Kb.
The 'By the roll of a die' Series: ePub
  1: By the roll of a die Info Read 5809 times. 13 ePub WIP 547.7 Kb.
  2: A New Game Info Read 2560 times. 13 ePub Finished 146.2 Kb.
  3: Going Home Info Read 5858 times. 13 ePub Finished 411.1 Kb.
  4: Going for a talk.. Info Read 1630 times. 13 ePub Finished 10.6 Kb.
A fate worse then death. Info Read 1320 times. 13 ePub Finished 2.7 Kb.
A light in the darkness of the night Info Read 1434 times. 13 ePub Finished 3.1 Kb.
A New Type of Chosen... Info Genre Humor
Read 1345 times.
13 ePub Finished 1.2 Kb.
A Terror of the ice cool type.... Info Read 1237 times. 13 ePub Finished 4.3 Kb.
Book Nights Info Read 1191 times. 13 ePub Finished 2.1 Kb.
Cartoon Heroes Info Read 2140 times. 13 ePub Finished 18.9 Kb.
Dawn of Xander Info Category Crossover
  - Dawn of the death Read 1759 times.
13 ePub Finished 13.0 Kb.
Kishijoten Info Category AU
Read 8403 times.
13 ePub WIP 1071.5 Kb.
Librarians Info Read 1181 times. 13 ePub Finished 2.0 Kb.
Life of Nobody InfoSummaryInspire by a song.
Read 1370 times.
13 ePub Finished 5.2 Kb.
Music of Sunnydale InfoSummaryInspire by a song.
Read 1768 times.
13 ePub WIP 83.2 Kb.
Payback of Vampires Info Read 1328 times. 15 ePub Finished 5.2 Kb.
Remember the past Info Read 1233 times. 13 ePub Finished 4.3 Kb.
Song of the Chosen one Info Read 1400 times. 13 ePub Finished 7.9 Kb.
The dust of Spike Info Category Crossover Read 1239 times. 13 ePub Finished 4.1 Kb.
The Powers of the Slayer Info Read 1319 times. 13 ePub Finished 5.8 Kb.
The Webb of Xander Info Read 8496 times. 13 ePub WIP 783.4 Kb.
Trainer of Hellmouths
  - Or some thing should never been told...
InfoSummaryIf you look long inoff in to the Abyss it might foolow you home..
Read 2153 times.
13 ePub WIP 37.2 Kb.
Welcome to hell Info Read 1096 times. 13 ePub WIP 1.9 Kb.
When PB attacks Info Read 1206 times. 13 ePub Finished 4.3 Kb.
Xander Rising InfoSummaryDuring the Halloween episode Xander got Ares attention this is the evulution of that.
Categories AU
Crossover Read 5442 times.
13 ePub WIP 176.0 Kb.
Xander Rising
  - Heaven next door to the right
InfoSummaryThis is a separate Side story to Xander Rising.
Categories AU
Crossover Read 1626 times.
13 ePub Finished 8.2 Kb.


The 'Bloodline of the VanHelsings' Series: ePub
  1: Bloodline of the Van Helsings InfoSummaryXander Harris has faced down many demons. But now he faces his greatest challenge, coming clean with his own heritage.
Categories AU
  - Van Helsing Pairing B/X
Read 3896 times.
15 ePub WIP 43.1 Kb.
  2: The Return of the League InfoSummaryWhen the first demons return, a team is reassembled to stop them. Once and for all.
Categories AU
  - Van Helsing
  - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  - Frankenstein
  - Dr. Henry Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Pairing B/X
Read 1686 times.
15 ePub Finished 43.8 Kb.
The 'The Kraken Chronicles' Series: ePub
  1: The Kraken Chronicles InfoTimeframeBuffy, Season 3
SummaryXander settles down into his new life. And new girlfriend.
Read 2187 times.
18 ePub Finished 7.1 Kb.
  2: Atlantis Arises InfoTimeframeBuffy, Season 3
SummaryWhen an entire army comes from the depths, it's up to the Kraken (aka, Xander) to stop them.
Read 1052 times.
13 ePub Finished 5.9 Kb.
  3: Atlantis Attacks InfoTimeframeBuffy, Season 3
SummaryThe conclusion to the Atlantis Saga.
Read 1007 times.
13 ePub Finished 9.5 Kb.
The 'Spider-Xand' Series: ePub
  1: Xander Harris: Spider-Man InfoSummaryXander Harris gets the spider powers instead of Peter Parker.
Category Crossover
  - Spider-Man Pairing B/X
Read 1501 times.
13 ePub Finished 8.8 Kb.
  2: Web of The Scooby Gang InfoSummaryAfter dispatching the vampires at Sunday's nest. The Scooby Gang left to Giles' house. They all talked about what happened over the summer.
Category Crossover
  - Spider-Man Pairing B/X
Read 1412 times.
13 ePub Finished 6.6 Kb.
The 'Hook, Line & Xander' Series: ePub
  1: The Transformation Info Read 1891 times. 13 ePub WIP 14.9 Kb.
3 Words of Wisdom to Live By
  - "Right Turn, Clyde"
InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
SummaryXander dresses up an auto-mechanic, who earns money from prize-fighting.
Read 1086 times.
A ePub Finished 5.0 Kb.
Cobra on the Hellmouth InfoTimeframeHallowee, Season 2
Category Crossover
  - G.I. Joe Read 2134 times.
13 ePub Finished 32.8 Kb.
Dr. Harris, I presume
  - or Mr. Hyde hits Hellmouth
InfoTimeframeHallowee, Season 2
Category Crossover
  - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Read 1691 times.
13 ePub Finished 15.3 Kb.
He Who Walks By The Day InfoTimeframeFirst three seasons of Buffy. The first two Blade
SummaryInstead of coming back from his road trip, Xander is given the powers of...Oh, come on! That would be telling! You've got to read the story to find out.
Category Crossover
  - Blade Read 1591 times.
15 ePub WIP 15.0 Kb.
Hellboy meets Hellmouth InfoTimeframe7th season of Buffy, but the 'spuffy' **** never h
SummaryHellboy and Liz Sherman are sent to one of the biggest paranormal hotspots in the world. Sunnydale, California.
Category Crossover
  - Hellboy Read 3144 times.
15 ePub Finished 39.8 Kb.
How Buffy put Parker in his place InfoTimeframeDuring 'Beer Bad'
Read 1522 times.
A ePub Finished 5.0 Kb.
Miracle on Sunnydale Street InfoSummaryXander went on to college with Willow, Buffy and Oz. Buffy hooked up with Riley. And left her for the Inititave and pregnant. Xander and Buffy moved to New York City after finishing their respective schools. Xander - Law School. Buffy - Buisness School.
Categories AU
  - Miracle on 34th Street Read 1851 times.
A ePub Finished 42.3 Kb.
Operation Octopuss InfoTimeframeThis is set in Season 4.
SummaryThis is an AU. Kendra never died. Both her and her Watcher are in Sunnydale. Mr. Zapottu is his name I believe. Buffy and the Scoobies are still around.
Categories AU
Crossover Read 1180 times.
13 ePub WIP 17.3 Kb.
Remembering the Past Info Category Crossover
  - The Mummy Pairing B/X
Read 1346 times.
13 ePub Finished 2.7 Kb.
Son Lost - Son Found Info Read 1508 times. 13 ePub Finished 9.0 Kb.
The Alien Costume Saga InfoSummaryXander comes into contact with something not human nor demonic.
Category Crossover
  - Marvel Read 1533 times.
13 ePub Finished 14.0 Kb.
The Ghost Who Walks Info Category Crossover
  - The Phantom Read 1642 times.
13 ePub WIP 12.8 Kb.
The Mark of Camelot InfoSummaryWhat if Giles helped Xander keep more than one secret at the end of 'The Pack'?
Read 1606 times.
15 ePub Finished 10.0 Kb.
The Return of Ghost Rider! InfoSummaryXander becomes Ghost Rider again. This time, it's personal.
Category Crossover
  - Marvel Read 2401 times.
13 ePub Finished 10.7 Kb.
The Skull of Sunnydale InfoTimeframeHalloween, season 2
Category Crossover
  - The Punisher Pairing B/X
Read 1207 times.
15 ePub WIP 4.8 Kb.
The Slayer and the Cyborg InfoSummaryXander must undergo a surgery to save his life, but will be forever changed by it.
Category Crossover
  - The Six Million Dollar Man Pairing B/X
Read 2114 times.
15 ePub Finished 33.9 Kb.
The True Daughter of Themyscira InfoSummaryBuffy finds out who her real parents are, and the adventure just starts there.
Category Crossover
  - Marvel Pairings B/X
Read 2192 times.
13 ePub Finished 31.7 Kb.
Welcome to Sesame Street, Buffy InfoSummaryBuffy learns that not all monsters are evil.
Category Crossover
  - Sesame Street Read 1038 times.
A ePub Finished 6.2 Kb.


Terminal City InfoTimeframeSeason 6
SummaryWhat if three worlds were forced to interact? This is totally AU. 'Buffy' began in 2017-ish, as well as Roswell, after a big electromagnetic pulse forced the world to change. Sunnydale didn't change much, but it did a bit. Liz, Cordy and Xander are all X5s.
Categories AU
  - Roswell
  - Dark Angel Read 2182 times.
13 ePub WIP 64.2 Kb.


Carpenters InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
Read 1923 times.
A ePub Finished 10.7 Kb.
E Pluribus Unum InfoTimeframeAfter the end of the series
SummaryXander's not the only one that observes things.
Read 1403 times.
A ePub Finished 1.4 Kb.
I Fear No Man InfoTimeframeSeason 6
SummaryXander receives some answers about Anya's past. And there's a guest visit by one of the Rune weapons from the Journeyverse.
Category Crossover Genres Humor
Pairing A/X
Read 1511 times.
A ePub Finished 10.3 Kb.
Level Up Info Read 1662 times. 13 ePub Finished 15.4 Kb.
Like I've never heard that excuse before Info Genre Humor
Read 1225 times.
A ePub Finished 3.5 Kb.
Memories of Yesteryear InfoSummaryXander writes a poem for English class after the Halloween episode
Genre Poem
Read 1082 times.
A ePub Finished 0.8 Kb.
Never make a wish on a Hellmouth InfoTimeframeSeason 6
SummaryA BTVS/Loony tunes crossover
Category Crossover Genres Humor
Pairing B/X
Read 1652 times.
13 ePub Finished 17.6 Kb.
Prophecies InfoSummaryXander wants to be with Buffy but will a new prophecy keep them apart.
Read 1938 times.
13 ePub WIP 76.6 Kb.
The little red haired girl with the yellow crayon InfoSummaryOne friend helps another friend achieve a goal.
Pairing D/W/X
Read 12065 times.
18 ePub WIP 254.6 Kb.
The Truth InfoSummaryA new Watcher is trained.
Read 1895 times.
A ePub Finished 9.3 Kb.
Xander's True Hero InfoTimeframeHalloween, Season 2
SummaryXander finds his True Hero Halloween outfit
Category AU
Read 1901 times.
A ePub Finished 4.7 Kb.


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